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Spottings from celebrityvilleshire...

Big Brother 7’s Pete Bennett stroking a ten year old boy’s face at Digbeth Coach station, Birmingham…A tanned and relaxed looking Sadie Frost, spitting food into her handbag at Zilli’s Fish restaurant, Soho… Celebrity Fat Club trainer Harvey loudly heckling an overweight man for purchasing a cheese and onion pasty in Gregg’s, Clapham Junction…Stephen Fry sweating profusely while fingering baby clothes in Mothercare, Whiteleys …X Factor winner Leon Jackson drunkenly asking "who wants tae fellate this?" in the Tron Bar, Glasgow…Andi Peters giggling hysterically while being chased around by Michael Underwood in Shepherd’s Bush, west London…a surprisingly handsome Jesus Christ, dying for our sins, the cross…Amanda Holden looking relaxed and healthy, squatting for a shit in WHSmith, Paddington…a tired but happy looking Napoleon Bonaparte, the past…Dom Joly scratching his balls and smelling his fingers with a satisfied look in Maida Vale, west London …a very sexy Max Beesley scratching a poodle’s head, saying "now we play by my rules" in Wetherspoons, Angel…Ladette DJ Zoe Ball snogging her own hand in the north Lanes, Brighton…Comedian Leigh Francis showing off his Capital One credit card to the ugly make-up girl in Harvey Nichols, Leeds…a grumpy and hungover looking Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, knocking back pints at Bedrock's latest nightspot, The Cave...A disorientated Rod Stewart offering Penny Lancaster in return for a racehorse to a Sheikh in JimmyZ, Monte Carlo…A tanned David Arquette poking fun at disabled children in Santa Monica, California… Terry Nutkins calming down a pack of unruly otters in Regent’s Park, London…


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