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Watch out - Davro's about!

This summer on the BBC, across all channels and platforms, get ready for a feast of Davro.
To celebrate his 58th birthday, the BBC are celebrating all things Bobby, sending the much loved cockney comic on a very special journey - all the way from television centre, straight to your hearts...

Over 3 weeks, around the clock, we have a feast of programming hosted and fronted by the great man, representing all of the boisterous comic's greatest passions, which all happen to fit in neatly with title-based puns on his name.

Shows include:

Davro's Bobbies - Bobby meets other famous Bobbies, including Robbie "Bobby" Fowler, Bobby DeNiro (unfortunately the interview never actually happened), Bobby from Dallas (Patrick Ewing) and Bobby Ball.

Bobby's Davro - Bobby investigates the phenomenon that is himself.

Bobby Heathrow - Bobby checks out what's going on at London's Heathrow airport, the busiest in the world!

When Davro Met Davros - The cockney charmer stars in a bit of a weird one - interviewing fictional leader of the daleks - Dr Who's Davros!

Have-A-Go Davro - Bobby prowls the suburbs, looking for low-level street crime to intervene in and break up.

Bobby - a - Job Week - Bobby hangs around urban centres volunteering to do odd jobs.

Hobby Davro - Bobby reveals the fascinating world of ordinary people's hobbies.

Bobby's Hedgerows - Bobby takes a spiritual country walk around the many beautiful hedgerows of southern England.

Lobby Stavros - In a revolutionary new format, you can interactively lobby Stavros from EasyJet to change one thing about the service he offers. Bobby hosts.

Bobby's Velcro - Stick around for this! Bobby looks into the sticky phenomenon.

Bobby Williams - When Bobby did Robbie...Bobby recreates Robbie William's most classic video moments - live!

Corn on the Bob - We go down on the farm as Bobby takes on the running of a corn farm in Northumberland.

Bobby on the Beat - Bobby hits the streets of downtown Plymouth, shadowing the police on a busy Friday night.

Village Bobby - What will happen when Bobby from the big smoke hits the sleepy village of Wimbourne, Dorset? The outspoken cockney ruffles more than just feathers!

RentaBob - Not dissimarly from Bobby - a Job Week, Bob is available to rent for various activities.

Angry Bob - The southern funnyman is normally so jovial - but something's got him riled! Bobby unleashes his vitriolic wit at all that he dislikes about modern life - including New Labour, Costa Coffee and Martin Clunes!

Sobby Davro - Get those hankies ready - the loveable Londoner is going all sombre for a while. He meets victims of harrowing violent crimes and urges them to relive their personal hell, distressing everyone.

Bobby Aggro - More angry Bobby! This time the gregarious geezer unloads two barrels of sheer hate at targets including the decline of Little Chef, Mancunians, baseball and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Bobby Afro - In an attempt to have more understanding of what it feels like to be black, Bobby attempts to grow an Afro hairstyle, with hilarious consequences.

Blobby Davro - Somehow Bobby finds the time to put on a lot of weight by only eating junk food for a month, in a totally original experiment.

Bobby WAVRO – Time to go all high tech, as Bobby glides down the information superhighway and learns all about the waveform audio format – AKA the WAV file.

Bobby BAFTA - Somewhat stretching the pun, Bobby valiantly but unsuccessfully attempts to win a BAFTA.


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