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A Love Lost...or Missed? Leave your messages here for strangers who bowled you over!

To the very cute dark haired guy who works in HMV, Oxford Street - don't ever speak to me again, or I will mace your face off...To the person on the train, that time. I really think you are lovely. Marry me?...I've been watching you for a while.I sit outside your flat and watch you come and go. I can see you showering right now. Lunch?...To the flirty guy in uniform on the train, pretending you "needed to see my ticket" and presenting me with a "£20 fixed penalty fine" when I didn't have one - you are such a tease! Drink sometime?... To the scruffy little scottie being walked in Richmond Park last Thursday...walkies?...I'm trying to track down Faizal Mohammed, from Kilburn. I met him in Islamabad. I think he might be a Muslim....You warned me you'd give me a pair of elephant balls if I didn't stop picking on my brother Wyatt in the film Weird Science; can't stop thinking of you babe...You died for my sins on the cross, now I can't get you out of my mind - call me....


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