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After tackling the thorny issue of disability in modelling by making an exact clone of America's Next Top Model, but featuring disabled models, bold digital innovator BBC Three have announced a new project that will again provoke fierce debate and make people face difficult issues head on, in Dancing on Wheels.

In a move that takes everything safe old BBC1 have been doing with the enormously popular Strictly Come Dancing and turns it on its head, they will be teaming up dancing celebrities with wheelchair-bound dance amateurs, and basically seeing what will happen. "Disability bad, dance good", BBC Three controller Danny Cohen said.

Now the channel are planning many more provocative disability-themed reworkings of pop culture hits:
Three Men and a Paraplegic

Peter Mitchell, Michael Kellam and Jack Holden are happy living their lives as bachelors in their lofty New York apartment. They all have girlfriends, jobs and a carefree lifestyle. This is disrupted when a paraplegic arrives on their doorstep one day. A note with the paraplegic, Mary, indicates that it is Holden's, the result of an affair with a co-star actress. The baby arrives in Holden's absence—he is abroad shooting a movie, leaving Peter and Michael to fend for themselves in taking care of the paraplegic, something in which their lack of experience befuddles them.

Disabled She Wrote

Jessica Fletcher is a retired English teacher who, after being widowed in her early fifties, becomes a very successful mystery writer. Despite fame and fortune, Jessica remains a resident of Cabot Cove in Maine, and maintains her links with all of her old friends, never letting her success go to her head. Her one eccentricity is an insatiable curiosity, especially whenever disability rears its ugly head.

Can't Cook, Am Disabled

Two chefs (one of whom is disabled and one of whom would not be disabled) were nominated by a friend or relative to cook a meal under the instruction of a world class chef. When the dish was cooked, the nominator would be blindfolded and asked to taste the food. Following this, they would decide whose dish was best. Then once the winner has been decided the walls of the studio open up to reveal a prize (usually a food blender, set of saucepans or wheelchair).


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