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Hot on the heels of Star Trek, popular 70s medical detective drama Quincy M.E, perhaps the precursor to House, is the latest classic hit TV show to be dusted down for a big screen remake.

However, movie bosses have decided to update the work for a modern audience, to maximise the profits on the big expense they paid out for the rights.

Realising that Quincy actor Jack Klugman was always very old seeming within the show, they have recast him as a teenager, the young Quincy who dreams of going to medical school and being a pathologist. However, they then discovered that a teen pathologist was offputting to teen audiences, so made him a young man who dreams of being a national park ranger.

The name Quincy was seen as outdated, so he became Jack Bennett, and a backstory that Jack is searching for his mother was added. Then they made him a girl, and the story is now set in space. And it's a musical.

The Quincy remake hits the screens this winter.


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