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Remember Rusty Oganinner? The American twitterer obsessed with only making jokes about bears?

Ever wondered how bad those bear based jokes and comments would soon become? Well, now you can find out...

HI!!!!!! I love bears and comedy! "Bear" with me and we'll have some great laughs!!!!!!!...What's so gentle about gentle Ben?!!!!!! He's a grizzly bear!!!!!!...What's a bear's favourite mens magazine? Playbear!!!!!! Or Pentbear...I met a bear who wanted to be in the jungle book, but he Baloo it!!!!...I can't go outside, it's drizzly (grizzly)?!!!!...swine flu could become a PANDAmic! the Chicago Bears football team give the Cubs baseball team fatherly advice about the birds and the bees? they should lol!!!!!!...where do bears have a jacuzzi? in the hot cub...a grizzly got pregnant with a cub it didn't want, so it had an aBEARtion...why are arctic bears sometimes depressed? they're bi polar...LADIES AND GENTLE BEN, I LOVE BEARS...where do bears shop? the bear market...a bear relaxes by doing yogi...a young communist bear lives in Cub-a...what's not funny about bears? nothing...madonna tried to adopt David panda (Banda)...I'll spank your bear ass!!!!!!...just listening to S Cub 7...Chumbawamba got in trouble for attacking some young bears. they were cub thumping : ) favourite actor in the Addams Family is GROWL Julia...I'm starting to suspect bears aren't as funny as I first thought : (...I'm writing a sitcom about living with a bear - called bear with me...ironically, I don't support the Bears. I'm a Vikings man...I can't bear much more of this...a bear has bad skin...clogged paws...bears are funny...honestly...just watched "When Bears Attack" and I am SHOCKED...bears believe in Santa CLAWS...or is that Santa PAWS? lol...i had to PAWS for thought before typing that...I've just discovered that fat hairy gay men call themselves bears. I'm not sure how that makes me feel! favourite British prime minister was Tony BEAR...I also like Gordon Brown bear...I voted for BEARack Obama...I panda to all tastes here...Who's the world's most wanted terrorist's favourite bear? Gentle Bin (Laden) favourite film isn't The Bear, surprisingly. It's Lethal Weapon 4...


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  1. Eric Menerhauer Said,

    you total ass pony

    Posted on 12 July 2009 at 01:39


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