First year student Joe McKintosh, 18, studying English and Philosophy at Nottingham University, told all his new university mates that best friend from home Kyle "nutter" Norrington was the craziest geezer they could ever hope to meet.

Painting a portrait of his old friend that made him one part Neil Morrissey to two parts Ross Kemp (with a little pinch of Russell Brand for good measure!), Joe made his chum seem like the kind of deranged, drug-addled wild man raconteur hell raiser that we thought we'd seen the last off back in the 1970s. Everyone was excited, some even apprehensive, as they awaited the arrival of this near mythical figure, visiting from Berkshire, one weekend.

But they were greeted with a quiet, pale boy in a tracksuit, with an affected cockney accent and a bad case of acne. Instead of being the reincarnation of Ollie Reed and Keith Moon that many had hoped and feared - snogging girls, fighting guys and generally leaving a trail of hedonistic destruction wherever he went, Kyle just sat in the living room, smoking joints and playing XBox, while dropping catchphrases from long forgotten comedy shows and in-jokes that only people from his part of Bracknell would possibly get.

"He's a bit of a twat", one disappointed student housemate said. "Yeahbutnobutyeahbutno", Kyle replied.


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