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Sex scandal that rocked childhood favourite revealed - 40 years later!

Actor Clint Howard has rocked Hollywood as he finally lifted the lid on the shocking scandal that ruined his seemingly idyllic childhood on the set of worldwide hit Gentle Ben, and has tragically affected his whole life.

Howard told Oprah that throughout his years on the show he was SEXUALLY ABUSED - by BEN!

"That bear was an animal", he said, holding back tears. "When the cameras were rolling he was calm and professional, but when they stopped, it was another story. He would drink heavily in his trailer and become mean, and if anyone tried to tell him what to do, he would erupt in rage, and beat them senseless. The network were powerless as he was the best bear they had, and he knew it. He would threaten to kill anyone who tried to replace him, and it would take a lot of fish to calm him down".


But that is not the most shocking part. "When Ben drank, he would become very inappropriate. It was just mild comments aimed at me at first, which soon grew more vocal and more perverted. But then one day he started to touch me inappropriately, and soon it went much further. I didn't know what to do, i was just a kid. He'd even touch me during filming, and laugh that later he'd have me properly. It was ironic that he was known as "Gentle Ben" when he was anything but after a few whiskies, an irony I didn't really appreciate back then. They should have called him Rough Ben".

Even worse, the sad abuse Clint suffered has affected his own life so much, he is now on the sex offenders register himself, and constantly monitored in case he becomes a threat to children, a precaution that seems justified when you look at this picture.


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