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So-called "Gentle" star hides a violent secret!

Lovable bear Gentle Ben, a hero to millions in a career that spans over 40 years, hides a terrible secret - he is also a Jihadist!

The dangerous grizzly had his head turned by extremists online, years after his kids TV heyday, and now recruits others on the "Jihad Paw" website, frequented by many other formerly famous animals (people like Flipper, Lassie, Free Willy and Benji) where he talks of hating the west and even beheading Clint Howard, the actor who played young Mark.

"He's an animal", one unnamed source said..."he was once a lovely young bear but Bin Laden and his sort have rotted his tiny mind. Don't leave any picnic hampers out or he'll blow them up!".

But the controversial star does have some fans..."I think he's well sexy", Jodie Marsh said yesterday.


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