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By PR Executive Kirsten McTague

Kirsten, 34, is a PR Executive at a top agency in Notting Hill, West London. She lives in nearby Ladbroke Grove with her boyfriend, advertising executive Mark Crumpsall, 36.

Here she takes us through a day in her hectic life.


Monday is me-day. I get up really early and luxuriate in a long, hot bath, using seaweed scrub to make my skin feel radiant. Mark will often have to leave very early so we’ll try and grab some hot buttered English muffins and tea together if we can.

Then it’s time for work – I work close to home so I love to stroll along through Notting Hill and just take in the beautiful day. There are so many wonderful, exciting people – white, black, brown and yellow – it’s like a huge kaleidoscope. Sometimes I feel like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill – the film, not the place! (Well, both!)

When I get to work, I grab myself a scrumptious mocha latte (can’t think without caffeine!) and sit down with the papers – my faves are The Mail for the news, The Guardian for the features and The Sun for the gossip!

Then I’ll meet up with my team for a meeting at about ten a.m. We’re supposed to be discussing the week ahead, but usually we have to first get through the weekend behind us! (Come on girls, you know what I’m talking about!). My girls are great – there’s Shelley, 24, Clara, 26, Vanessa, 25, and Michael, 28 – I call him a girl as he’s a gay man! He doesn’t mind – he started it!

After we’ve got through all the gossip, we’ll get down to business and go through where we stand regarding various projects and who’s doing what in the week ahead. Now, down to work! Between quarter to eleven and one o clock I’ll sit at my desk, check my e-mails, take phone calls and read Eve.

At one I meet up with my best girly friend Maria who works nearby and we’ll just grab some sushi and a punnet of strawberries and go and chill in the park. Maria’s awful – she’s recently become single again and she’ll always be pointing out a hunk here, and a sexy bod there. Of course, I never look – well, not often! (Sorry, Mark hon!)

Then back to work for another four or so hours of e-mails, meetings and phone calls – life can be really tough at the top!

At six thirty I have my yoga class over in Holland Park, where I let the city pour away to be replaced by something more pure and wholesome. I don’t know quite what, but I always think it might be a little like humus.

When I get home, I just want to relax, so I change into my fave PJ’s and softest, comfiest top and go and lounge in the garden, ice cool Pimms in one hand, Marian Keyes novel in the other, my little toes running through the soft grass.

Mark usually has badminton on a Monday so it’s a great chance to just relax and indulge myself with a fresh chicken salad and a glass (or two!) of wine, and watch all my favourite soaps, and then if nothing grabs me, I’ll pop in an episode of Sex and the City on DVD and catch up with Carrie, Samantha and the gang.

And they say Monday is the worst day of the week? – It’s heavenly bliss!

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