WHAT YOU JUST SAY? - Crazy quotes from planet celeb!

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"Can I have a coffee, black with two sugars"

Whatever you say, Rupert Everett!!

"I have to go now"

Don’t let us stop you, Rihanna!!!!!!

"The answer’s Lima. Definitely."

But what’s the question, Jake Gyllenhall?!!!

"My wife has just died"

Boo hoo, Abs from Five!!!!!!!!!!!

"The only true wisdom comes in knowing that you know nothing"

And that sums you up, Socrates!!!!!!!!!

"I’m hungry"

Well that’s given us all food for thought, Jade Goody!!!!!!!!

" I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"

Get over yourself, Jesus Christ!!!!!

"Freeze! Do not move!"

Freezing is so last season, Mr Policeman!!!!!!

"Put your hands above your head. Now!"

Like, whatever you say, Officer!!!!!!!!

"This is your final warning"

Aaah!! Help!!!!?

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