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Phil Redmond lashes out at London ignorance!

Brookside creator and Liverpool ambassador Phil Redmond has angrily lashed out at the "snooty London types" who are "too busy sitting in their ivory towers" to realise that Liverpool's year as the European city of culture is about "more than just the Beatles".

"Those sneering London types are too busy eating foie gras and caviar to realise that Liverpool is the cultural capital of the world. Not just this year neither - every single year since time began. If these overpaid no-marks stepped out into the real world for just one minute they'd realise how much this great city has to offer - second to none when it comes to culture. And yet when I pitched a year-long, daily one-hour update (for primetime) of what's going on in our city to bosses at the BBC and ITV, I heard one London TV executive say that we'd heard enough about the Beatles already. How bloody ignorant.

There's actually loads going on - a walking tour of the Cavern Club, with Joe McGann. We've got a look at the influence of George Harrison on the British film industry, where he financially backed some big hitters. Paul McCartney returns to join the Liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra in an amazing acoustic reworking of Sargeant Peppers, while Robbie Fowler and Ringo Starr turn curators for a month to show us their favourite art, at the Tate Liverpool. Meanwhile, over at the Walker Gallery, we've got a collection of doodles on napkins made by John Lennon between 1968 and 74. And the Beatle that never was, Pete Best, will also be showing us his latest art installation, using the cries of young children to power a machine that digitally replicates the chord structure in Let It Be(?)

Yet according to those London c**ts, it's just a tired, boring year of Scouse self-congratulation and self-pitying onanism. How typically small minded."


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