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Newswire: 21-05-08 Time 1842 (EST)

Re: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks to landmine victims in Somalia.

Transcript of speech given at Somali hospital for child landmine victims:-

"Hi there everybody! First of all, let me say that I know you all felt a sense of Red Heat when you found out you had to say hasta la vista to a limb or two.

You must have felt like life had given you a Raw Deal. In wars like this, though, there is always Collateral Damage. But I've had a few bombs in my time too, and each time I said 'I'll be back!'

So try to put an Eraser over the past and say 'reload!' to your life, it's not the End of Days just yet.

Try to be happy and Jingle All the Way if you can. I know such traumas are often blocked out by the mind, so be careful not to have a Total Recall.

I may be The Running Man, and you all may be unable to walk, but remember, with this much muscle, running is just no fun.

Some of you are in this hospital for The 6th Day, and for you I have a special message - 'Your foster parents are dead!' (sorry).

"So guys, say to someone 'I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!' and start living a useful life again. Kindergarten Cops are here in this hospital, Junior, so you will feel safe, and Commando's are being sent in to your country.

I blame the leadership of the UN, especially Kofi Annan, or as I like to call him Ko-Nan: The Barbarian. If you see a landmine 'Get Down!'. If you see a woman about to step on a landmine, let it Terminate-her, it's not worth risking your life to save someone else.

Landmines must not be outlawed though; it's not like they're Cyberdine systems model 101. They are useful. They can help to separate conjoined Twins and help to make a Last Action Hero out of many soldiers struggling for recognition.

When I came to this hospital, I felt nothing. I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do


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