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Television actor David Hasslehoff appeared unfazed last night in spite of a recent court ruling preventing him from contacting former fans. Speaking at a charity event in aid of himself, Hasslehoff said 'It's just a phase some of these people go through. I understand that. I love them all anyway".

The ruling, issued by a California State judge, effectively acts as a restraining order on Hasslehoff, and stipulates that he 'must neither contact, attempt to contact, or approach any person who has at any time expressed an interest in or fascination with either said actor, or any of his television programmes or personas.'

This according to the ninety-seven page court judgement issued on Monday. The unprecedented ruling follows legal action taken by the now defunct 'David Hasslehoff Appreciation Society' and the 'Michael Knight Fan Club' against the star.

Former Michael Knight Fan Club Chairperson Cindy Davenport explains: 'Well, when I was a teenager, I had a bit of a crush on Hasslehoff, so some friends and I set up this fan club. We were all surprised at how willing Mr Hasslehoff was to engage in our club and it's activities.'

She continued 'But after a while, we grew up and moved on, and that's when the calls started. At first they were pretty innocent, but soon he was turning up at my door with pictures of himself as Michael Knight offering to sign the pictures as well, so long as I told him I worshipped him.'

Former Hasslehoff fan and 'MitchMad' (a now defunct organization dedicated to Hasslehoff's character Mitch in the television series Baywatch) head Jane Birkett, agrees.

'At first it was like "Wow he's a star!", but after a while, he started to become a pain. I remember that when he started to send me toenail clippings and samples of his pubic hair, I knew he was going too far. I no longer saw him as a star.'

But perhaps more surprising still, is Hasslehoff's attitude towards the restraining order. 'Look, everyone goes through that phase. It's part of growing up', said Hasslehoff. 'There comes a point in life when you kind of grow out of Michael Knight, and for a while there, it seems as if you've got no-one to relate to, no-one who understands you, or no-one to have as a role-model.

That's where Mitch Buchanan comes in. He fills that gap, he's more of an adult icon, but not everyone finds Mitch so quickly, and a few never do. They're the ones who tend to have these brain problems.'

All I know is that Michael Knight and Mitch Buchanan are two of the most significant and popular television characters in recent history. I'd like to think that's very much down to my portrayals of these two fine men. For women, both Michael and Mitch are the embodiments of sexual desirability; for men, the characters are the embodiments of the ultimate heroes.People need that these days. People need heroes. I'm willing to fight for this, it's my mission in life.'

Does the actor intend to honour the restraining order? 'Look, I know those guys did that to make a point. I had been neglecting them recently, you know, focusing on some of my other fan clubs. They have made their point now, I let them down, and I intend to be there for them in the future.

My performing life will be a trilogy, but not of films, but of inspiring characters, spanning the generations. I'm now looking to develop a new character and a new show for all the older folks out there, that reflects my new maturity, that way I can inspire everybody. At the moment, I see him as a sort of cross between Michael Knight and Mitch Buchanan, but a little older, and a little wiser.'

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