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Television presenter Paul Ross was sectioned under the Mental Health Act last night, after police and doctors were forced to remove him from his home in Sussex. Witnesses described frantic scenes as Ross refused to be removed from his living room. Eventually it took almost twenty police officers to restrain him, and he is now being treated at Broadsway Medical Facility for the Partially Insane.

Friends and family complained that Ross had become increasingly withdrawn in recent months. 'He would just sit in his living room watching television all day. I think he just lost touch with reality eventually', said a close friend.

His ex-wife Tara Fisher also agreed. 'Paul was a very different man before those nostalgia shows started calling him up. He used to be cheerfull and outgoing, but lately, all he could communicate was how the nation wept when Den first left Eastenders, or how back in the 70s Pogo Sticks were a real craze. He made no sense!'

It is widely believed that his ex-wife is responsible for having him sectioned, supposedly the last straw came when Ross bought over a hundered video recorders and an equal amount of satellite decoders, so that he wouldn't ever miss a 'golden historical television moment'. This according to his ex-wife.

During the final weeks before his being section, Ross became a virtual recluse, refusing to talk to anyone except television producers calling him up to appear on a nostalgia show. He allegedly had more than twenty phone lines installed, as well as scrawling his calendar of appearances over his walls. Neighbours complained to the police when the stench of tortilla chips from Ross's house became unbearable.

Ross apparently took exception to this, and allegedly fired a tirade of abuse at his neighbours, accusing them of behaving like 'Many a bad guy from that classic bygone era of great telly' as well as accusing them of being the ones responsible for cancelling Brookside.

Ross was also said to have 'slipped beyond breaking point', claims a source, after learning that he would not be invited to appear on a new Channel 4 Top One-Hundred programme.

Recent reports have suggested that Ross has tried to build an altar out of dust to television characters Dempsey and Makepeace in his cell at the Psychiatric hospital, claiming that they will help him recover.

The television presenter will now undergo extensive treatment.

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