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Coma! Coma! I'm the leader, I'm the leader, I'm the leader of the gang!

Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter will today honour a promise he first made to a young fan back in 1996.

Back then Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) was still a much revered entertainer. His chart topping glam rock days were behind him, but nevertheless he was still a respected elder statesman of the rock world, a popular choice of icon on Stars In Their Eyes and in supermarket ad campaigns.

Young Paul Sammons, 22, from Worcester, was one of Glitter's biggest fans, a self-proclaimed "leader of the followers of the leader of the gang". The young man absolutely doted on his idol, listening to his biggest hits around the clock, often also dressing in his trademark black wig and platform heels as he went around the town, which sometimes even then lead to negative attention.

This negative attention sadly came to a head on July the 3rd 2006, as the nation thrilled to the Euro 96 tournament, when a gang of drunken youths picked on shy Paul and beat him almost to death for dressing as Mr Glitter.

Young Paul was put into a deep coma, that he remains in to this very day, clinging onto life physically but lost mentally to the ravages of the trauma. It seems that nothing can raise Paul from his comatose state - nothing unless just maybe he is roused by the gravelly voice of his idol Gary Glitter, a promise originally made by Glitter / Gadd a month after the attack, when he read about the story in the Sun newspaper.

However, due to a combination of tour dates and holidays at first, followed by legal complications and incarceration in the latter stages, he has never actually been able to make good on his promise - until now, with his recent release from prison in Vietnam.

"You've got to remember that when Paul was attacked none of the bad stuff about Gary Glitter had come out yet", his dad Simon explained. "How was he to know that in 1999 he'd go on trial for the possession of paedophilic images, never mind all that noncing around in Asia that came later?"

Thus Simon has decided that the best course of action is to shield Paul from the truth of Glitter's sex crimes (going on the belief that he can hear what is read to him from newspapers and on television), in case the shock of the fall from grace of his hero is just too much for his beleaguered body to take.

He hopes that if Glitter should wake him from his 12 year slumber, he can then slowly wean him onto the truth, perhaps gradually releasing snippets of news as if they were just happening, by tightly controlling access to TV and the internet.

"It's going to be a tough job", he reflected.

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