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Tuesday 5th May, 9.35pm

Did I make a mistake about Kirsty McBain? I'm not sure. As soon as I decided she was a total ugly ass, and announced this decision to the world (well, Jake and Randy, which is basically the same thing), thus never being able to take it back, she's been starting to look kinda hot, but for real this time, like she was hot all along, but I didn't notice because I was in some kind of weird daze. If I was in Lost, this daze would be because I was jumping back and forward through different points in time, experiencing different time lines that endanger my very existence, but as it's just plain old E. Menerhauer of Dayton High, it's actually because I was too busy being a total ass and worrying about what everyone would think.

Why do I always think that I'm going to get a chick that looks like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls? Because I am, you ass, so don't write me off yet.

I went to the cinema to watch Wolverine with Jake and Paul Jones the other day, and it was a little lame. Not all out lame like someone who can't really walk, more like it had a limp or something. But Paul Jones really hated it, and when we left the cinema he was all like "well that was two hours of my life I'll never get back", and Jake was laughing like it was so funny.

The thing is, though, I must have heard that lame ass line like a million times by now. Everyone says it, from assholes on imdb to dicks in the newspapers, even my dad! And everyone knows he's no wit. Yet Paul Jones is acting like he's Stephen Colbert or something, and Jake is just lapping up that shit! What a moron.

I'm not sure, but I think life sucks, and will probably suck even more when I'm older.


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    It will.

    Posted on 6 May 2009 at 07:37


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