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Thursday 7th May, 8.52pm

The worst thing possible in the whole world has happened - Lisa Hames and Kirsty McBain have become friends! This was the LAST thing I ever expected. I mean, Lisa's hot, proper hot, like an Angelina Jolie, whereas Kirsty is more quirky, like more of a Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Lisa likes Zac Efron and collecting Bratz dolls in an ironic way, while Kirsty is more of a Vincent Gallo and porcelain pigs kind of girl. Lisa eats peanut M & Ms, Kirsty eats anything. Lisa listens to Lady Ga Ga and Britney, Kirsty is all Killers and - actually, who gives a fuck what these morons like? It all makes me wanna puke.

But the thought of those two shooting the shit about banal crap like Zac Efron and porcelain pigs, and then start talking about 'cute guys' at school, and somehow end up talking about me makes me sick (no, I'm not saying I think I'm cute, though face it, I ain't been abducting Madeline McCann, if you know what I'm saying).

Anyway, what if they did start talking about me? What would they say? Would Lisa be all like "He was so immature at the Lobster Shack" and then Kirsty's all like "Oh I know! He was the same after history that time". The thought of it makes me mad. THEN what would they say? Would they have picked up on some little habit of mine that I don't even know about yet? Before I know it, that shit could be round the whole school!

Or maybe they won't mention me at all. I'm cool with that. Maybe it just won't come up at all. I mean, when me and Jake or Randy meet up, it's not like we always end up talking about chicks at school...they're going to talk about me. It's totally inevitable. What can I do to stop them?

There must be something. Would setting off a fire alarm help? Like in that movie Heathers. That shit always seems to work in movies.

No, it would suck. They'd just meet on the lawn for the fire drill and look over at me and laugh or something. Shit. Gotta think. I need to be on my own, just drink a root beer and work this shit the fuck out.


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