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Friday 15th May, 7. 25pm

Writing this on my phone while waiting at Dayton airport for our flight to Vegas. I don't know why I'm so excited, when I know I'm still five years too young to gamble in any casino, as Jake keeps reminding me. Randy, on the other hand, is trying to player hate on the whole weekend by calling where we're staying the Hard Cock Hotel. What a childish asshole. I would never think of something so stupid.

Dayton airport is a crummy shit heap of an airport. They've got all these pointless pieces of historical aviation hanging from the ceilings to make it feel all serious and important, but it's a total joke. Did Wilbur Wright ever take off from here? I don't think so (I don't actually know, but I bet not).

And their slogan is like the gayest thing I ever saw: "Easy to and through". That's like an apology of a slogan. It's basically saying "yes, this airport sucks ass", which would actually be a cool slogan.

As for what I'm going to do in Vegas while dad gambles away my college fund (phew! wasn't going to pass my exams anyway), I don't actually know. I'm really hoping there'll be an opportunity to get caught in the shower by a hot Latino maid, and then we end up boning. Other than that, whatever. I'm just gonna hit the streets and live for the moment, and hope I don't end up getting hit round the head by a Joe Pesci type with a phone. Seriously, that shit worries me.


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