DB 2009 Review : KATIE & PETER

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A busy year for the nation's celebrity sweethearts, as eternal love soon turned to complete and utter hate.

At first things seem OK, and Pete is so busy he clones himself while Katie starts a war of words with alter ego Jordan. But soon, the cracks show and the couple split.

Pete has his "Katie" tatto removed, so Jordan has a Pete tattoo done so she can do the same. She then kills Harvey to annoy Pete. She accuses him of having been in Al Qaeda and having an 'acorn' penis.

Shockingly, Katie reveals she was once raped by a celebrity, but won't reveal who. Peter refuses to be outdone. Thankfully Katie later meets a hunky new man.

As the war of words increased, Jordan then revealed she had been murdered just weeks before Pete cruelly dumped her. Pete threatens to sue over a sneeze, and even sue himself.

After finally releasing his album after a 20 year wait, Pete tries and fails to have a number one.

Pete also revealed his shame at having never been to Hard Rock Cafe, Katie failed to impress on I'm A Celebrity and Harvey was swung around in the park. A lot.

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  1. Neil McGrath Said,

    The Katie and Peter stuff was hilarious all year

    Posted on 3 January 2010 at 23:18


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