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In January my baby was born so I didn't pay too much attention to other stuff.

In February, disaster struck in Haiti, David Cameron appealed to as many voters as possible, Stephen Fry was given listed status, and Ashley Cole revealed a talent for rubbish excuses, as every footballer going had a sex scandal.

In March, even cryin' Peter Andre was exposed as a hypocrite, Turbo B from Snap got a job as a doctor, Mitch Winehouse adopted an African orphan and Jack Tweed starred in the picture of the year.

In April, Cleggmania briefly gripped Hollywood (hindsight is a bitch), Jimmy from 911 agonised over whether he was to blame for nine eleven, while Josef Fritzl's famous "file that made him smile" got everywhere. Gentle Ben was revealed as a rapist and a woman gave birth to a potato.

In May, election fever reached a crescendo, and the Sun went for a misjudged cover. Mark Croft admitted he was fucking his cars, and famous Russells faced off at Rusell Mania, while Vinnie Jones lamented the sad loss of Dennis Hopper, who he never met.

Come back tomorrow for part 2, and the summer of one very special red faced doorman of hearts - Raoul Moat...

I'm reading: 2010: A YEAR IN REVIEW, PART 1TWEET THIS!

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