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Away from Raoul, in July, smugness levels soared with the launch of the iPad, and Duncan Bannatyne revealed he loves cigarettes.

In August, Sean Connery revealed where he went to school, Justin Bieber revealed who he wanted to date, Martin Freeman showed his dramatic range and there were familiar scenes on A level results day. Snoop Dogg revealed his love of Hyacinth Bucket, and cat bin lady caused a stir.

In the Autumn, Michael Barrymore taunted the Lubbock family, Cliff Richard invented a time machine, went back in time and fucked his younger self, and Alex James shocked everyone with his love of cheese. Gap employees had a swingers party, Storm from X Factor humiliated himself (again) and fire extinguisher student became a hero.

Finally, Man United's Mexican striker has 400 nicknames, and a doctor uses a calculator to break bad news, while Beckham can't solve everything (or anything).

Phew! What a year! Join DB in 2011 where hopefully Pandre will still be crying, Townsend still not releasing, and everything still fucked.

Happy New Year!

I'm reading: 2010: A YEAR IN REVIEW, PART 3TWEET THIS!

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