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In honour of Eric Menerhauer (our 16-year-old guest blogger from Dayton, Ohio)'s 40th (post) birthday, a quick recap of what's happened so far:

Eric's first post covers an incident at the Ezeefreeze, Fast & Furious, dick breath, London Fog and his sister's cat:

Eric likes Cadfael, hates Catcher in the Rye:

Eric says he'd rather bone Kelly Osbourne than Britney, but takes it back:

Eric wonders what the point of working hard is, when his phys ed teacher still has a hot wife:

Eric worries he's stopped being able to learn:

Eric has a terrible double date with Lisa Hames:

Eric worries that looking at Barely Legal makes him a pedophile:

Eric frets about seeing Lisa Hames at the store:

Eric muses on which celebrities are secretly assholes:

Eric recollects his behaviour at a party:

Eric blasts Beyonce, Madonna, Harrison Ford, Lady Ga Ga and more:

Eric starts to have doubts about Kirsty:

Eric worries that Lisa and Kirsty have become friends:

Eric wonders about the status of girls in baseball caps:

Eric talks about Somalian pirates, Jake, his sister, careers guidance and House:

Eric mocks Dayton Airport, en route to Vegas:

After two weeks of being grounded, Eric recounts what happened in Vegas, culminating in his arrest for soliciting a prostitute:

Eric rages about needing a girlfriend, Megan Fox, Randy's mom and Susan Boyle:

Eric hates the cliche of teen narrators who want to be writers when they grow up:

Eric goes to a lame christian party in Cincinatti, and is exposed as a fake altar boy:

Eric is finally on vacation, and discusses a turd that looks like Ryan Seacrest, his top five women he'd like to bone, and more:

Eric has an awful fathers day when a sexy waitress mops his erection:

Eric reacts to Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett's deaths:

Eric has a terrible first day at a trendy hair salon, when he catches the eye of the gay chief stylist, Anton:

Eric meets the girl of his dreams, while pretending to be deaf:


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